CMAR director awarded CBE

Professor Lord, who is a professor at the University of Birmingham, has received an award for her work helping older people. As people around the world are living longer, Professor Lord has been studying how the immune system changes as we age. Her work has been especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected older people more than others.

One of Professor Lord’s most important discoveries is that white blood cells become less effective at fighting infections as we get older. This makes older people more likely to get sick from things like pneumonia. She also started a project called the 1,000 Elders, which studies the health of older people.

Professor Lord is very happy to receive the award, which recognises the importance of studying how we age. Her work has helped improve the lives of older people around the world. Professor David Adams, who is in charge of the medical school at the University of Birmingham, says that Professor Lord’s work has helped us understand how to keep older people healthy.