Peer Reviewed Publications

Our peer-reviewed publications are organised in line with our research themes. Please expand theme sections below for more information. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Crossland, H., Skirrow, S. and Puthucheary, Z. et al. (2018) The impact of immobilisation and inflammation on the regulation of muscle mass and insulin resistance: different routes to similar end‐points. The Journal of Physiology, 597 (5): 1259-1270.
  • Cucchi, D., Camacho-Muñoz, D. and Certo, M. et al. (2019) Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids impinge on CD4+ T cell motility and adipose tissue distribution via direct and lipid mediator-dependent effects. Cardiovascular Research.
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  • Seabright, A., Fine, N. and Barlow, J. et al. (2020) AMPK activation induces mitophagy and promotes mitochondrial fission while activating TBK1 in a PINK1‐Parkin independent manner. The FASEB Journal, 34 (5): 6284-6301.
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  • Wilkinson, D., Bukhari, S. and Phillips, B. et al. (2018) Effects of leucine-enriched essential amino acid and whey protein bolus dosing upon skeletal muscle protein synthesis at rest and after exercise in older women. Clinical Nutrition, 37 (6): 2011-2021.
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