Medical Research Council Versus Arthritis

Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research

Funded by the Medical Research Council and Versus Arthritis, we are a Centre of Excellence in Musculoskeletal Ageing Research. We are integrating and expanding complementary research and postgraduate training activity of two leading Midlands based Universities, the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham, together with their associated NHS hospital trusts. . . .
The mission of the MRC Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research (CMAR) is to increase understanding of the biology of age-related musculoskeletal deterioration, to include identification of the factors influencing an individual’s trajectory towards frailty and the processes underpinning the transition to musculoskeletal disease. We are building an internationally recognised and globally networked research platform, capable of generating novel and clinically testable approaches to reduce musculoskeletal ageing and disease. Through strategic collaborative working with other centres of excellence in the UK and overseasthe MRC Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research is leveraging the expertise, resource and facilities required to achieve a step change in mechanistic understanding and the testing and implementation of interventions, ensuring the impact on musculoskeletal health at scale. Working with health service providers and policymakers will ensure that we can continue to operate in a range of delivery settings and accelerate adoption of our findings.


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Find out about our research


Find out about our research


We are home to over 40 principal investigators from a range of scientific and clinical disciplines with expertise in basic and clinical science.