We have partnerships working to aid translation of research into practice at scale involving engaging with policy influencing units (eg, at Versus Arthritis and Medical Research Council), local health policymakers (directors of public health, Academic Health Science Networks) and sustained multidisciplinary, international and cross-sector working at scale.

CMAR has translational and outward-facing activity through establishing links with industry including big pharma and instrumentation companies (GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Abbott Nutrition, Smith and Nephew, Thermo Fisher, Nestle), small- to medium-sized enterprises (Zymo, Biomet, HUR) and community-based lifestyle companies (Move it or Lose It); collaborating with major European and US research groups working in musculoskeletal ageing, and expanding links to Brazil and China.

Increased global networking is a key component of our vision that will help delivery in each of our research themes and examples of our activity to achieve this are:

  • Visits and Centre-funded PhD studentships to facilitate working with leading musculoskeletal centres in the UK, Denmark and the USA (University of California San Diego, University of California, Berkley; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Universities of Florida and Houston), as well as with industry partners;
  • We make pump priming funds available to catalyse new cross-site, national and international collaborations.