CMAR presents research at the British Geriatrics Society 2022 Autumn meeting

The Association of Academic Geriatric Medicine (AAGM) symposium organised a session on Sarcopenia and frailty: understanding mechanisms and developing interventions. The session was moderated by CMAR theme lead Professor Carolyn Greig and Centre Director Professor Janet Lord.

The session showcased the research of the centre with four excellent presentations:

    • Muscle responsiveness to immobilisation and mitigation strategies in older age Professor Bethan Phillips, Professor of Translational Physiology, University of Nottingham
    • The physiological frailty phenotype Joe Taylor (CMAR PhD Student), University of Nottingham
    • Unravelling the Roles of Obesity and Inactivity on Age-Related Sarcopenia Professor Leigh Breen, Associate Professor: Metabolic and Molecular Physiology, University of Birmingham
    • Interventions to ameliorate sarcopenia in hospitalised older adults Dr Carly Welch (former CMAR PhD Student), Consultant Geriatrician, GSTT