Centre early career researchers excel at this year’s European College of Sports Science annual meeting in Essen, Germany

The European College of Sport Science Annual congresses have been organized since the inauguration of the ECSS in 1995. Today the ECSS congresses rank among the leading sport scientific congresses worldwide. The Congress comprises a range of invited lecturers, multi- and mono-disciplinary symposia as well as tutorial lecturers and Socratic debates. The ECSS congress is attended by international sport scientists with an academic career. The ECSS congresses now welcome up to 3000 participants from all over the world.

One of the key objectives of the ECSS is the promotion of junior scientists and the fostering of state-of-the-art research. For this purpose, the ECSS established the Young Investigators Award (YIA). This year there were 82 finalists nominated for their valuable contribution and their hard work and preparation for presenting their findings at this year’s congress. From those 82 finalists, there were 20 winners of which we are delighted to announce the following were CMAR affiliated:

In the oral presentations section:

  • 4th Place (1.000 Euro) – Andrew Hale, CMAR- funded PhD student at the University of Nottingham (Brain Grey Matter Volume and Cerebral Haemodynamic and Metabolic Responses to Exercise: Impacts of Age and Cardiorespiratory Fitness)
  • Joint 5th Place (500 Euro) – Joseph Bass, CMAR Early Career Researcher, University of Nottingham, (The Vitamin D Receptor is a “Biomarker” of Hypertrophic Responses to Resistance Exercise and Mechanistically Regulates Muscle Mass)
  • Joint 5th Place (500 Euro):  Benoit Smeuninx, CMAR Early Career Researcher, University of Birmingham (Age-related Anabolic Resistance of Myofibrillar Protein Synthesis to Moderate-dose Protein Ingestion is Exacerbated in Obese Inactive Individuals)

In the Mini-Oral presentations:

  • 1st Place (3.000 Euro) – Matthew Brook, CMAR Early Career Researcher, Nottingham University, (A Novel D2O Technique for Dynamic Quantification of Skeletal Muscle RNA Synthesis in Relation to Exercise and Ribosomal Biogenesis).  Matt will be an ECSS-ESSA exchange delegate and will be invited to present his research in the Exercise & Sport Science Australia Congress in 2018.

Gatorade Sport Science Institut (GSSI) Nutrition Award:

  • Equal 4th place – Ushnah Shujah Ud Din, CMAR Early Career Researcher, University of Nottingham, in the Gatorade Sport Science Institut (GSSI) Nutrition Award.  His abstract was titled ‘Effect of Adjuvant β-HYDOXY-β-Methylbutyrate Supplements on Hypertrophic, Functional and Metabolic Responses to Resistance Exercise Training in Older Men’. GSSI is the Official ECSS Sports Performance Hydration and Nutrition Platinum Partner. With this award, GSSI is promoting research in the field of nutrition and hydration.

Congratulations to all winners!