ESPEN Course in Tracer Methodology in Metabolism

Centre members Dr Phil AthertonDr Kenny Smith, and Dr Daniel Wilkinson will host a European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) course in Tracer Methodology in Metabolism later this month.

The course is targeted at anyone interested in tracer methodology for metabolic research and wants to learn all the details in order to be able to use it in their own research.

The course will cover the following areas:

Tracers, its detection and principles of tracer methods:

  • Stable and Radioactive Isotopes
  • Types of mass spectrometers

Principles of methods used:

  • Whole body versus regional/organ
  • Isotope dilution versus incorporation
  • How to perform tracer studies
  • Application of tracers in metabolic research
  • Tracer methods in carbohydrate, fat, protein, amino acid and energy metabolism
  • Tracer methods in urea, NO and glutathione metabolism
  • Use of stable isotopes in proteomic research

There will also be a special evening lecture on “Problems and Pitfalls of Using Tracers to Measure in Vivo Kinetics” will be given by a Dwight Matthews.

Learning is based on introductory lectures followed by workshops to perform kinetic calculations. In addition, there will be 1-2 workshops were all participants are welcomed to present and discuss their tracer protocols with the experts and the other participants. The lectures and workshops will be given by the organising committee and invited faculty for specific topics. All delegates will be able to download all the course material from the website before and after the course and receive handouts from the lectures.

The duration of the workshop is 2 days (Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12, 2016) and will be held at Derby Royal Hospital, Derby, UK.

The course program can be viewed here and further information can be found on the website of the Special Interest Group (SIG) in Tracer Methodology in Metabolism that is part of the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism