Join the

1000 Elders

How do I join?

Joining the Birmingham 1000 Elders is simple. All you need to do is fill out and return an application form (coming soon). This will provide us with contact details, basic personal information about you and some brief lifestyle information that will help us identify relevant research projects. The details are kept in a secure database so that members can be contacted to participate in research studies at the University of Birmingham.

Healthy ageing - get involved!

Research on healthy ageing at the University of Birmingham is changing lives. However, this success is not possible without the involvement of our local community.

Any adult aged 60 or over and in good health can become a member of the Birmingham 1000 Elders. Being a member of the group is a great way to share your experience and help to make a difference to the way we live our lives.

What does being a member involve?

By joining the group, you register your interest in taking part in research projects at the University. Often this may involve simply answering a questionnaire, although some studies may require participants to come to the University to take part. Some projects are mentally stimulating, others may involve some physical activity. Either way, all projects will have been approved by an ethics committee and you are free to accept or decline an invitation to take part.

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How often will you contact me?

We try not to contact members more than twice a year unless you tell us otherwise. You will also receive an annual newsletter detailing the research going on at the University and you will be invited to regular public information days (the most popular of which is Agewell) where you can hear first-hand the latest research findings and gain information on how to maintain good health in old age.

What sort of research activities can I take part in?

Whether it’s exploring how ageing affects our brains, the impact of inactivity on our bodies, physical management of knee or hip osteoarthritis, or being involved in a film for the BBC, the types of activity that we invite you to take part in are many and varied. Take a look at our webpage for examples of recent projects and details on how to get involved. Some projects pay you for your time; all expenses will be covered.